Ep. 137 The Shining, Part 5, “Matters of Life and Death”

In this episode of Two Guys to the Dark Tower Came, we explore The Shining, Part 5, Matters of Life and Death.

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Surprisingly happy ending (01:23)
  • Why Jack? (12:00)
  • Death makes life worth living (19:29)
  • Dark Tower Thinnies (25:03)
  • Yuck-King It Up (28:08)
  • Fun Stuff (30:32)
  • Final thoughts (38:46)
  • Other Worlds Than These (45:23)
    • Sean: Better Call Saul
    • Jay: Strange New Worlds
  • Outro (47:56)

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Intro and outro music is Western Cowboys Logo by Shorties.

Next Episode: The Shining (1980), directed by Stanley Kubrick.