Ep. 154 The Talisman, Part 2, chapters 14-19

In this episode of Two Guys to the Dark Tower Came, we explore The Talisman,  Part 2, “The Road of Trials,” Chapters 14-19.

  • Introduction (00:13)
  • Cool world building (02:06)
  • Too much “Y” and not enough “A” (12:36)
  • Dark Tower Thinnies (20:19)
  • Yuck-King it Up (25:39)
  • Fun Stuff (27:21)
  • Other Worlds than These (31:52)
  • Outro (37:09)

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Other Worlds Than These topics:

  • Jay: Smokey and the Bandit (1977), starring Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jerry Reed, Jackie Gleason, and Paul Williams.
  • Jay: Unspooled podcast, hosted by Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson.
  • Sean: Beef (2023), starring Steven Yeun, Ali Wong, and Joseph Lee. 

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Intro and outro music is Western Cowboys Logo by Shorties.

Next Episode: The Talisman, Part 3, “A Collision of Worlds,” Chapters 20-26.