Ep. 12: The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three — The Pusher

In this episode of Two Guys to the Dark Tower Came, we explore The Dark Tower, Book 2, The Drawing of the Three, The Pusher.

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Plot recap (00:44)
  • A fish out of water (02:04)
  • Matters of fate (05:41)
  • Delusions of grandeur (06:09)
  • Roland as hero (11:59)
  • Romper Room “Do Bee” song (18:27)
  • What is Roland’s intent with the third door? (19:54)
  • Roland’s plan (28:43)
  • Fun stuff (36:10)
  • Outro (47:23)

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Intro and outro music is Western Cowboys Logo by Shorties.

Romper Room “Do Bee” song from Romper Room, Jim Timmens, Golden Chorus, and Golden Orchestra. New York : Golden, 1964.

Next Episode: May 17; We finish The Dark Tower, Book 2: The Drawing of the Three discussing the Final Shuffle and the book as a whole.