UPDATE: We are back on July 31 with a new episode covering the Hearts in Atlantis movie. Leaving this up for historical purposes since we have a comment.

Greetings, constant listeners! Now that we have completed our coverage of Hearts in Atlantis, we are taking a hiatus. Stay subscribed to the feed and all of our social media for updates. While we’re on hiatus, we’ll be considering which to cover next. Send us your suggestions!

One thought on “Hiatus

  1. Suggestions for other Tower Books to discuss!!!
    The first has to be talisman and black house. Black house specifically.
    Second-Salem’s lot, just due to covering Callahan’s story. Although I am still devouring the podcasts so you might already do that.
    Third-ur. This one could be really fun to pair with Everything’s Eventual. Short reads that are fairly similar.

    Guys I love the podcast! I’m so sad I’m just now listening to it so late. I wish I could have participated in the palaver, if you will. I’ll write with more ideas, but in case you guys wanna chat, I’ll leave my email. I’m basically a king encyclopedia so I may be of use. 🙂

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